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Dear friends & family:

We hope everyone is doing well. Recently">

Dear friends & family:

We hope everyone is doing well. Recently, we had exterior repairs and painting done on our home. Because it was so difficult to find a licensed and bonded carpenter/painter/roofer with excellent references, we thought we would share this information with friends and family.

Barry Davis, a builder who participates in the Parade of Homes, referred me to Stacey Stellato of Creative Exteriors. Stacey and his crew have worked on Barry’s homes he has entered in the Parade of Homes and his custom homes.

Stacey Stellato and the men that work for him did a truly beautiful job on our house. He and his crew literally made the outside of our home look "brand new!" We estimate our home was built in 1965 so it has some years on it. Stacey gave us a very fair estimate for the work that was required. He and his crew showed up as scheduled and began work at 7 a.m. each morning, working almost non-stop (absolutely no wasted time/very short lunch break) until approximately 5 or 6 p.m. (sometimes later) each and every day. Honestly, they did so much amazing work on our home. They did everything as agreed, and it was superior, quality work! They had to completely rebuild our front porch and it is perfect. Stacey is a good "family man" with a lot of integrity. If you need exterior work done on your home, Doug and I highly recommend this man.

We also needed to put a new roof on our home, too. Stacey referred us to Randy Collins of Collins Roofing. I got estimates from many roofers, but my brother-in-law suggested that we seriously think about using Randy because, as a former home builder himself, my brother-in-law felt that it was good to use people that had worked together and had similar work philosophy. He was right.

Randy Collins provided equally outstanding work. Our roof is simply beautiful. Randy was about as kind and hardworking as a man can be. He, too, gave us a very fair estimate on the work needed. Randy and his men worked incredibly fast and hard doing a fantastic job on everything. They removed all the old shingles and replaced ALL of the felt. They cleaned up beautifully after completion of their work. Randy and Stacey are true craftsmen. You will get guaranteed, superior work from Stacey Stellato and Randy Collins. We are very satisfied! Come on by if you would like to check out their work. We’d love to see you!

Love, Gayle and Doug Kotti

Stacey Stellato Randy Collins

Creative Exteriors Collins Roofing

219 Tarragon Drive 300 Augusta Street

Lexington, SC 29063 W. Columbia, SC 29169

(803) 361-4704 (803) 338-8756